Magic 07 - Midterm

Magic 07 – Midterm

A Tragedy in Three Parts

Part I: Magic

I believe it was expected that I would continue to refine my Trick++ from my earlier performance, and so I set out to refine the trick with a script, trimmed down content, and plans to setup both tech and ambience correctly. I made it part way with these tasks and then made a shift, focussed on other work, and did not desire to perform a trick that I didn’t feel offered much in the way of Magic. CV in the way I was using it was not magical to me, and I would find it hard to believe it was magical to others. The place for it to be expanded and made more magical was in the story itself, and I did not feel I had found the magic. My mind wandered, I started other projects, and so the story of the Evolving Suites got left behind. It is interesting how hind site reminds me that this is the place to fail of all places, so why not go down trying. Anyway, I took the loss in momentum and shifted it to my other areas of interest.

<Insert script>

Part II: !!&&||

Performing is clearly a large part of this class, and so while I would not call my midterm presentation a performance, i did present a performance of sorts. A series of pieces needed to be in place for the performance from planning, organizing people, writing software, and building hardware all custom to the show that would be put on. The show was based around a simple concept that explores how emergent behavior works…

<Insert description>

<Insert slides>

<Insert video>

Part III: Automatiles

<Insert description>

<Insert sketches>

<Insert electronics sketch>