Magic 06 - Board Game

Magic 06 – Board Game

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  • Kenny Friedman
  • Isa Sobrinho

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The year is 1235 PD (post-dragonism). You’re a young dragon master tasked with getting newborn dragons ready for battle. You’ve come from a small, rural town from the West, and you’ve just be thrown into the big leagues. You’re the underdog, but you’ve got grit, and you’re going to make it. Welcome to Dragon Flight.

For your first task, you’ve been allowed to choose five new dragons. Right now, they are just eggs, so you won’t be able to tell them apart. However they will soon become great warriors. Your job is to turn your dragon eggs into fighters before anyone else does.

Each dragon will come from one of four tribes: earth, fire, wind, and water. Earth dragons have a great understanding of their terrain. They use the ground to their advantage: knowing how to hide, traveling quickly, and manipulating soil. Fire dragons use heat to their advantage. They can wield fire to defend and attack. Wind dragons are the fastest. Flying through the air faster than the rest, they don’t like to stay on the ground for long. Water dragons can fly in water. Also known as swimming, these dragons have the advantage of traveling below the surface (as long as that surface is liquid). Wind and fire dragons work well together. Earth and water are friendly as well. However, fire and water don’t mix. Earth stays still and wind is ever changing – don’t let them combine!


Be the first to teach your dragon to fly!

Included Pieces

  • Board
  • Catching Net
  • Dragon Eggs



First, place the board on a flat surface. Distribute 5 eggs to each of the 2 to 4 players, randomly (either from a bad or with all eggs face down on the table). Once you have your eggs, add your color marker to your egg so you know whose eggs are whose! The board has a starting location for each color, and that is where your dragons will begin their journey.


The game is turned based. Each player takes a turn in order (youngest player goes first). Two(2) actions are allowed to be performed per turn. See possible actions below. The game is over when the first player successfully flies all 5 of their dragons out of their nests.


  • Flick
  • Fly



Just like in shuffleboard, curling, or table football, you need to flick your dragon eggs into their nests. For a flick to be official, the finger and thumb need to be together at the start.

Element Interactions

Dragons born of different elements have different powers. Similar to rock paper scissors, a fire dragon might be extinguished by a water dragon when coming in contact. The chart below settles the score.

  • A wind dragon defeats a water dragon if they touch.
  • A fire dragon defeats an earth dragon if they touch.
  • A water dragon defeats a fire dragon if they touch.
  • An earth dragon defeats a wind dragon if they touch.

 How to Fly

Before your dragons can fly, they need to hatch from their eggs. Hatching requires an entire round, so you can not fly a dragon in the same turn as landing in the nest. Remember, dragon nests are not a safe place, so you don’t want to be there too long, you might just get knocked off the nest. 

The mechanics of flying are fun, but be careful. When you try flying, you need to place your dragon on a certified dragon launch pad (aka: fork). Then launch your dragon into the air and for a flight to be successful, you need to catch the dragon in flight, the only way to properly harness a dragon.




If a dragon is knocked off of the board or comes in contact with a dragon that defeats it, the dragon egg returns to your initial pile to join the battle field on your next turn.


The first player to hatch all of their dragons and successfully harness them in flight wins!!


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